We keep an eye on your website.
Simple Website Monitoring
Let our system keep an eye on your website
Server Monitoring
If your server is down, we'll let you know
Port Monitoring
Select common ports, or use your own custom ports
Alerts via Email and MMS
We'll send outage alerts to any email or mobile device
Weekly Uptime Statistics
Get detailed reports about your website or server
What is the service?
If we cannot ping your website or server, we'll send an alert via text message and email. We then log the outage for you to review later.
Why use this service?
Our extremely simple and inexpensive service will help you to avoid long periods of downtime and help you make informed hosting and connectivity decisions.
What is the cost?
For less than 17 cents per day per item, you can have piece of mind knowing we're keeping an eye on things. That's after a 30-day FREE TRIAL.
What is the benefit?
If we prevent just one sale from being lost while your website is down, it will be worth it! Let us inform you, not an angry customer.
Simple but powerful
No rocket science here! Just register and enter a domain name or IP address to monitor. We'll alert you if your website goes down.
Quick and convenient
Form hardcore Web-Pro to humble storefront website owner. Anyone can start monitoring in minutes. You'll receive alerts via MMS and Email.
An economical solution
iPingIP is much simpler than our competitors; thus, it costs much less than these competitors. There are no contracts and you can cancel anytime.
Stay informed!
If your website has been down for any significant amount of time, you need to know. We'll alert you via MMS text messages and via Email.
How it works:
Your website goes down
Your website has gone down and you're not at your computer at the time of the outage. You have no idea that your website has gone down.
iPingIP detects the outage
iPingIP pings your website at a regular interval and detects the outage.
Alerts are sent to your mobile device and email
An alert is sent to any Internet-connected device you have, as well as any email addresses that you specify.
Logs are kept for later review
Outages are logged and weekly statistics are provided that can be viewed anytime.
"My busy website went down and I lost thousands in sales before I realized it. This was a recurring issue. I found this service hoping it could help me to avoid this from happening. Now, every time my site goes down for more than 5 minutes, I am notified like clockwork. Thank you for such a great and simple service!"
Anita Ortez
"IpingIP helped me to make crucial decisions regarding my website's hosting provider. I put some of my websites on a different hosting provider and noted significantly better uptime performance. I have since moved all of my websites to the new hosting provider and have been much happier with the results."
Delia McAurther
"Your service costs much less than the other comparable companies. Plus, it's extremely easy to use. With little to no real learning curve, the weekly statistics are straight to the point and simple to understand. I also like that I get the statistics in my inbox once a week. Very informative!"
Justin Mercer
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