Simple, yet powerful tools.
Website Monitoring
Our system keeps an unblinking eye on your website. If it becomes unavailable, we'll contact you so you can take the steps necessary to address the issue as quickly as possible.
Server Monitoring
If your server has a public IP address, we'll monitor it for outages. There is no need to install anything. No matter what your server is for, we'll alert you if the uptime status changes.
Port Monitoring
You can monitor common ports, like HTTP port 80, or you can use any custom ports you need to keep track of. If the port becomes unavailable, we'll let you know.
Alerts via Email and MMS
We'll send you outage alerts if your website or server goes down. We'll alert you via email or text message on your mobile device.
When outages are detected, logs are kept showing when the outage occurred and how long the monitored item was unavailable. This will help you to make informed hosting and connectivity decisions.
Start monitoring now!
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